About KEZ

KEZ o.p.s. is the longest established Czech accredited control and certification organisation, which provides specialist independent control and certification within the organic farming system.

The organisation was established in 1999 as a public benefit company by the PRO-BIO Association of producers and processors of organic foods, the Foundation for Organic Agriculture (FOA), and the EPOS Association of organic farming consultants, the aim of which was to safeguard the organic origin of foods at every level of “Organic production”.

Inspection of businesses dealing in organic farming, and certification of their produce is carried out on the basis of MoA authorization according to the Czech Act on organic agriculture, within the extent of this Act, and Regulation (EU) 2018/848 on organic production and labelling of organic products. Products which are the subject of control according to this authorization are marked with the code: CZ – BIO – 001.

Since 11.10.2001 we have been accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s. (ČIA). Our portfolio of services has gradually expanded to include certification of products suitable for use in organic agriculture, certification of natural and organic cosmetics since 2007, certification of public catering establishments since 2009.

We work throughout the Czech Republic and we act as contractual partners for more than 2000 agricultural enterprises and processing plants.

KEZ o.p.s. is a not-for-profit organisation with a highly-set standard of quality, with an emphasis on quality of services provided. Our organisation is supported by qualified employees and experienced inspectors from a practical background, thanks to whom we are able to guarantee not only the appropriate competent and independent control and certification activity, but also the best possible service. Our lean and efficient organisational structure, as well as our status as a not-for-profit organisation, enables our clients to benefit from the best ratio of price to performance.

According to European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 on GDPR of 25.05.2018, KEZ o.p.s. compiles a GDPR Report of events, processes input analysis, Basics of processing personal data and GDPR Guidelines, which are incorporated in the internal standards of the association, and by which KEZ o.p.s. operates.

The successful, regular accreditation of our inspection and certification system, according to ČSN EN ISO/IE 17020:2012 and ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013, by the Czech Institute of Accreditation, is proof of our neutrality and objectivity.

The pricelist for services is announced each autumn for the following business year, after approval by the Managerial Board of KEZ o.p.s.

The proposed inspection and certification contract publicised on our website is the basis for drawing up a contractual relationship between your business and our association.

As we strive to be a fair and open association, we publish an Annual Report on our website detailing our business and activities at the end of each financial and business year.

All farmers, producers and distributors of organic foods, importers from third countries, producers of feedstuffs and reproductive materials within the organic farming system are obliged to operate according to the Czech Act on organic agriculture, and Regulation (EU) 2018/848 on organic production and labelling of organic products.

For this purpose, we publicise all valid European and Czech legislation, including any updates, and valid Czech MoA methodical guidelines.

According to valid European and Czech legislation on organic agriculture, clients of KEZ o.p.s. who produce organic products, organic foods, feedstuffs, seed, as well as beekeepers, fish farmers, mushroom growers or wild gatherers, traders, importers and exporters, are all recorded in the Register of Organic Entrepreneurs (ROE) administered at the central headquarters of the Czech MoA:


A list of clients of KEZ o.p.s. who, under a private programme, are recommended by KEZ for OA, Organic Cosmetics, Catering and who produce certificated products, can be obtained on request by email at the address: certifikace(et)kez.cz

Here is an individual description of the private programmes mentioned above:

KEZ recommends for OA: This programme enables certificates to be awarded to producers of fertilizers, soil adjuvants, beneficial plant preparations, substrates, plant protection preparations, feed supplements without agricultural elements, and any other products suitable for use in organic farming, whose composition and production comply with organic farming regulations. On fulfilment of the programme conditions, producers are awarded a certificate and have the option of labelling their products with the KEZ o.p.s. trademark. For the use of the trademark, it is necessary to enter into a licensing contract giving the right to use the trademark owned by KEZ o.p.s.

Organic Cosmetics: This programme broadens the range of services to include certification of cosmetic preparations produced from natural and organic raw materials. Standards for certification of cosmetic preparations include rules for the option of obtaining the trademark CPK – CERTIFIED NATURAL COSMETIC. An extension of this is CPK bio for cosmetic preparations containing raw materials of organic origin, which must fulfil not only the basic conditions of the Standards, but must also contain organic raw materials. In order to use the trademark, a producer must enter into a licensing agreement on the use of the trademark owned by KEZ o.p.s.

CPK – CERTIFIED NATURAL COSMETICs contain no synthetically obtained perfumes, oil products based on mineral oils, paraffins or vaselines, synthetic conservation agents or colourings, certain surfactants, animal-based elements (except bee´s wax and lanolin alcohol), chemical UV filters. Furthermore, products with the above-standard CPK bio trademark comprise of at least 20% organic elements whose origin is certified by an organisation carrying out inspection in organic farming (while water-content is not included in percentage by weight).

Catering: KEZ o.p.s. services incorporate certification of public catering facilities which provide food made from organic ingredients (organic products/foods). If a facility meets the conditions of the Standard for certification of a public catering facility, we award a certificate with the option of marking the premises with the KEZ o.p.s. trademark. In order to use the trademark, it is necessary to enter into a licensing agreement on the use of the trademark owned by KEZ o.p.s.




Poděbradova 909, 537 01 Chrudim
Phone: 0042 469 622 249
e-mail: kez(et)kez.cz
IČ: 259 16 076
DIČ: CZ25916076
The company is entered in the Register of public benefit companies administered by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové division O, section 29, bank account number: 617504524/0600

Ing. Jan Dehner, phone: 0042 469 625 026 ext. 37
e-mail: jan.dehner(et)kez.cz

Manager of Inspection Body
Ing. Vladimír Dřevo Ph.D., phone: 0042 469 622 249 ext. 23
e-mail: vladimir.drevo(et)kez.cz

Manager of Certification Body
Ing. Kamil Pecka, phone: 0042 469 625 026 ext. 29
e-mail: kamil.pecka(et)kez.cz

Supervisory Board
Chair of Supervisory Board:
Ing. František Winter
e-mail: frantisek.winter(et)kez.cz

Managerial Board
Chair of Managerial Board
Kateřina Urbánková
e-mail: katerina.urbankova(et)kez.cz

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